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The benefits of Dustless Painting & Decorating

  • by john clifford
  • 07 Jun, 2017

99.5% dust free decorating for interior & exterior painting & decorating projects in Edinburgh and Midlothian

Pentland Painting & decorating are pleased to offer all our existing and new clients the very latest in dust free technology all as part of our standard service, at no extra cost. This means that no matter how large or small your decorating project is you will benefit from minimal disruption and  a healthier environment whilst work is being carried out. All surfaces no matter how small or large are a piece of cake for our dust free decorating equipment.

Why dust free?

When redecorating there is one thing that can't be avoided, dust. Painting and decorating is a dusty job due to the nature of the work. There are defects, holes and cracks to be filled on all surfaces, filler needs to be sanded flush with the surrounding area, existing coatings may need removing, all of which inevitably creates dust.  Also, sanding between each coat of paint and “denibbing” surfaces creates fine dust particles which can hang in the air for some time after the redecorating is complete.

 Not only is there a fine layer of dust on unmasked surfaces after sanding which is time consuming to clean up, but more importantly breathing in these fine particles is unhealthy and can be a trigger for existing and underlying respiratory conditions, especially asthma. Sure, the decorator can where a dust mask whilst carrying out the work but this isn’t practical for the homeowner, their family and pets who have to inhabit this potentially hazardous environment after the decorator has finished for the day.  These reasons are why we invested in dust free sanding equipment, for your health and ours, and for the least disruption during your decorating work.

Professional decorating equipment

We use  a dust extractor, connected to the market leading Abranet abrasives  and Mirka Deros & Deos Sanders which when combined offer rapid, hassle free preparation to all interior and exterior surfaces. These system and abrasive excel in dust free material removal.

The offshot is a higher standard of work due to the precision sanding. Also a healthier you, a cleaner, fresher environment for the ones you love and all at no extra cost. We don't charge any extra for the dustless service, all we ask is that you request it when you contact us for our services.

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