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Trade Secrets of painting and decorating

  • by john clifford
  • 20 Jun, 2017

Our secret to the perfect painting and decorating job


Every aspect of decorating, both interior and exterior, is offered here at pentland  painting and decorating company. One thing we never lose sight of is keeping your property spotless at all times.  This is why we don’t like to leave a mess when our decorators are working.  We take care to eliminate your house of the excess dust that is produced using a dust extraction unit rather than using dust sheets alone.  Regardless of it being a painting, decorating or a preparation project, we will complete it and leave the area and your home clean.

If you are wondering how decorators make their work look so easy, it’s actually not as simple as first appearances make it look. Lots of people presume that our profession is an easy one, it’s actually quite challenging when done properly as we do at Pentland painting and decorating . This is especially true since every job’s  specifications require us to adapt to multiple situations that we encounter on almost a daily basis. Fortunately this can offer big opportunities to be creative and also gives us a sense of job satisfaction.

We use the correct tools and equipment in all instances which gives us the confidence and experience needed as we aim to finish the job to the client’s expectations.  As decorators , we always spend a considerable portion of our time preparing surfaces. In many cases this is more than is given to the actual main painting and decorating work. This is how all the best painters operate, as spending roughly 60-70% of every project on preparation makes it much easier for us to complete them with a high end finish.  Preparation consists of scraping away old paint, filling cracks, tackling mould, and a number of other tasks as well.  All of this must be done before the paint tin is even opened or a roll of wallpaper is looked at.

While it may not seem like a big deal to some, decorators must always use the highest quality rollers, brushes and paints that are available. It can seem extravagant to spend a extortionate amounts on a paint brush when a local tool shop sells them cheap but the cheaper models hold less paint, have less filling material which is also known as bristles meaning you’ll have to work twice as hard for a finish that will never be adequate or certainly not the the standard achieved by a professional decorator .

At Pentland Painting and decorating we have  faith in our ability as decorators and ensure we have the right tools for the job and also the correct skillset. Cheap alternatives won't cut it with us.  We strive to make it a point to regularly invest in the most recent in high quality equipment.  The reason for that is simple...we operate on a customer first basis where  customer satisfaction is our focus and not how quickly we can get a job done and move on to the next one.

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