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Types of Paint

  • by john clifford
  • 09 Aug, 2017

What paint?  What surface to use it on?

Q: Are you considering  redecorating  but confused by all the different paint types and finishes.  You don't know what Matt and Gloss are, or  the difference between Satin, Eggshell, Silk and Sheen? What's the best type to use for various surfaces?

A: Choosing the right sheen level will transform the look of your home when decorating, so make sure you consider different finishes to make the most of your space.  Here's a guide to help you make a considered choice when planning your decorating project:

Matt emulsion is smooth, velvety and helps to hide imperfections on less-than-perfect walls.  it's great on the older properties walls which still have all their character without highlighting the imperfections too much.

Flat matt emulsion is even more velvety and because matt surfaces don't reflect light, they make all colours look as similar as they can be in very different light conditions. Flat matt works wonders on deeper shades, too.

Satin and Silk are 'mid-sheen' finishes, which means they look like a slightly polished surface and reflect a bit of light. Silk is a finish associated with walls and satin for woodwork. You can clean marks from silk wall finishes easily which makes them practical but if you have less-than-perfect walls, all the lumps and bumps show up a lot  more and from different angles the paint job may not look as good as you would like.  A satin finish on woodwork helps to hide imperfections and gives colour a softer appearance which is an over all more subtle.

Eggshell has less of a sheen than silk or satin and it does look like the surface of an eggshell (the clue's in the name). It sits somewhere between matt and a silk finish and gives a beautiful classic look to woodwork – and can also be used on walls when you want a heritage style look with a tough finish. Eggshell paint is a favorite of pentland painting and decorating and we recommend it for the old Georgian/Vicotrian townhouses in Edinburgh over everything else.

Gloss is a shiny finish designed for woodwork and it reflects lots of light – so is perfect for paler colours. You have to have a great surface to make it look its best, but it is hugely practical and adds a lovely contrast to walls that are painted in a matt. 

Once you have decided on which colour and type of paint you would like to use, why not give us a call and have a professional job done and enjoy the home of your dreams   Contact us

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